Daily Archives: 11.12.2005

Toying with Us

Mother Nature has been playing little mind games with us for the past couple of weeks. Being Minnesotans, we are fully aware of the fact that winter will be slamming in to us at any minute.

Yesterday, however, featured a balmy high in the 60’s. Because of my foul mood at work, I decided to run away over the lunch hour. In one sense it was a good move (I got away from the same people that were pushing me closer and closer to a melt-down), on the other hand, it was a bad mood since it made me painfully aware of the fact that it was probably one of the last nice days for the next six months.

Earlier this afternoon, a Tornado Watch was issued for a huge portion of the state. The metro area isn’t included, but it abuts us. And, frankly, “in and close to the watch area” always makes me a little nervous. Tell me – is a tornado or severe storm going to realize that it isn’t supposed to stay within the lines of the watch box?

This is Mother Nature’s climax – over night, gusty winds with bitter temps are going to be ushered in, and winter will be here just like that.

[Update: Tornado Watch was extended to include the metro area until 11pm. Hopefully it will be quiet throughout the state. Our neighbors to the south haven’t faired well today…]

In honor of the beautiful summer just past…

Until we meet again…

Foul of a Different Kind

I have been in such a foul mood for the past couple of days. (There are some who might wonder incredulously ‘days?!’ but they’d be very wise not to go there…)

Not that first-day-of-your-period, damn-I-need-chocolate-and-everything-will-be-OK foul. Oh, no, we’re talking a full-fledged, primal please-for-the-love-of-God-go-away-before-I-scratch-your eyes-out-and-cram-them-down-your-throat foul.

It hasn’t been pretty. And, sadly, I’ve really struggled to not wear my emotions on my sleeve.

I blame it on the stress of my recent job change (and related panic associated to maintaining my other job responsibilities), lack of decent sleep and a headache that becomes unbearable only when dealing with other people.


Especially people who make two or three or more times my salary and do absolutely nothing but sit on their big fat asses making decisions that are destroying the future of the company. People who are blind to reality. People who truly lack a lick of common sense. People who make the worker-bees jump through hoops to give them information that supports their latest idea, which is really a recycled idea that failed in the past, and is destined to fail yet again.

Thankfully (and my creditors will be relieved to know), I’ve been able to maintain a civil tongue (and, thus, retain my employment) despite the building stress and have managed to not snarl while biting back the following phrases to the truly irritating:

“Please tell someone who gives a damn.”

“Are you really as inane as you sound?”

“Who wrote your resume? Clearly they have a great talent at fiction.”

“Who did you sleep with to get your job? You’re an obnoxious twit who hasn’t done anything since you been here but make my life a living hell.”

“Let me guess – you want me to help – and by help you mean do all the work – so you can take the credit again? Um, no, but thanks for thinking of me.”

” No. Now go away.”

It’s probably a good thing it’s the weekend and I can hole up at home and avoid people. Did I mention that I hate people?