Daily Archives: 1.2.2006

Dreading the return to the Office…

Being off work for 5 days straight has taken a toll on me. Clearly my waistline has expanded over this holiday season – my sedentary lifestyle not helping in the least – but the bane of my existence being those damned Sea Salt & Vinegar kettle chips from Costco and my personal crack, Heath candy bars.*

The only positive thing about this is the fact that I didn’t get Tuesday or Wednesday off last week as originally planned… If that were the case, I suspect that my anxiety level would be much worse than it is at this moment.

Now I can fret about whether or not my pants are going to fit me in the morning…

* I really shouldn’t joke about my “personal crack” since 1) I have never done drugs of any sort, so understanding the addictive thrill of any drugs is something that I have no comprehension of and 2) I do personally know a couple whose lives were irreparably torn apart due to one of them having an addiction to crack… I apologize if I’ve inadvertently offended anyone.

Hoping today’s a holiday from work…

A little before 3 am this morning as I finished watching the Monk marathon on USA and flipped through the channels only to stop on Blast from the Past (for the second time this holiday weekend), I was suddenly struck with the fear that maybe tomorrow (which was really today) wasn’t a holiday after all and I would be expected to show up in just a few short hours.

My bewilderment is an offshoot of the fact that I had taken last Thursday and Friday off and had finally reached the point where my mind had clicked the work mode switch to the off position – and I felt disoriented.

That’s when the panic set in.

It’s an anxiety that makes my pulse quicken and my brain feel like a hard drive that’s malfunctioning.

Does this happen to anyone else?