Daily Archives: 4.22.2006

Afraid of the Headhunters…

I got a call yesterday at work from a headhunter (a.k.a., a recruiter). A co-worker gave him my name and number. The recruiter said that he’s interested in meeting with me to discuss the possibility of placing me in a position with another company. I’m planning on meeting with him for coffee before work after month-end close next week. He asked me to forward a copy of my resume to him over the next few days. He seems like a nice guy – and he worked with a good friend (and former colleague) in placing her at her last company, so he has a proven track record.

This is great news. Somebody’s interested in helping me to break out of the hell I’ve been trapped in for over a decade.

And, yet, I’m scared to death of the possibility of change.

I don’t know why.
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