Daily Archives: 7.19.2006

Winds of Change

My sojourn into the garden this morning felt rushed. A rain storm was moving in from the west, causing the wind to gust, its darkened clouds quickly stealing my light.

I was disappointed to see that the first Datura bloom of the season that I've had a chance to photograph (the plant is not cooperating with my work schedule – choosing to bloom after I've left for work and wilting before I return home) had been systematically devoured by a malevolent slug-like creature.

7-19-2006 8-43-46 AM 0115a

We don't use pesticides to rid the gardens of potentially harmful visitors, our belief that all insects/critters have a right to roam our gardens and use the plants as sustenance. Some plant damage is to be expected.

This poor fellow, however, over-stepped the bounds of his host and paid with his life. You DO NOT mess with my beloved Datura!

Perhaps it was this agitation or the resulting moment of violence (and death), but the majority of the photos I took were CRAP. Plain and simple. I'd like to blame it on the camera/lens, but it wasn't their fault. I've noticed a pattern where if my head isn't "in it", the photos tend to come out un-focused, nay, blurry.

Thinking back to this morning, I can honestly say that my mind was un-focused, causing everything around me to be blurry. I'm on vacation for the remainder of the week. Today's weather, while disappointing, was actually wonderful – we needed the rain that fell all morning. Even though I'm on vacation, work-related things are hanging ominously over my head…

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