Daily Archives: 8.16.2006

Meh. (Otherwise known as the PMS Zone)

I'm feeling flat today – you know that blah feeling that permeates the soul – that general lethargy that zaps your spirit and reduces your energy level to "battery empty" status? Yep, that's me.

The odd thing is that I'm on vacation for the rest of the week and should be feeling a sense of joy to have been released from the shackles that is my current job. The cell block door slid open last evening shortly before 6, the guards bidding me adieu until Monday morning. A 120 hour long furlough was granted for good behavior. Well, honestly, the warden probably would have preferred that I stay confined to my cell cubicle rather than leave the prison company grounds until Friday. But my being there won't solve his immediate challenge of not being able to distinguish his elbow from his ass.

I should be happy to know that I don't have to encounter either of my bosses (yes, there are 2 now, one sadly incompetent beyond hope, the other dominant, strong-willed, and pushier than I like or respond positively towards – I'm a Taurus by birth who WILL become stubborn if pushed too much!) for the next three days (five, if you count the weekend). I'm thankful that the Grammar Police don't read my blog and therefore can't chastise me for my frequent use of run-on sentences. 😉

I think it's safe to say that I'm in that dark, dark PMS place where everything is miserable, devoid of hope and just plain not good enough. Run, people. Run! But leave the M&Ms, for the love of God.

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