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Seeking Direction

I took the plunge last weekend and bought a spectacular 50-200mm lens (plan on branching out and looking at the 'big picture' instead of just macros) for my new Olympus and a tripod with a fantastic head to help steady the camera and capture hard-to-reach models…

Which is probably a good thing since I've recently been experiencing sore/stiff/painful elbows (arthritis?!).

I am in love.

8-13-2006 9-04-54 AM 0018b

This is the bloom from the Prairie Dock in the side garden. It's probably 8 or 9 feet up… Previous hand-held shots were "OK", but having both the longer lens and the tripod made it "better". (And I didn't have to climb up on a ladder – I don't DO ladders either well or gracefully!) Now if only I could flick a switch and control Mother Nature's breathing – her exhaling has made it breezy around here of late and I don't have any special 'boxes' or tents to erect around my models.

The above plant is related to the Compass Plant as seen below.

7-14-2006 6-28-16 PM 0176b

Sorry for the uneven lighting. Since I tend to shoot 'em as I see 'em (I don't manipulate my models in the field unless it's absolutely necessary), this is how it appeared in the garden.

This is a neat plant – in earlier days, Native Americans (a.k.a. "Indians" to the non-PC crowd) used the resinous material exuded by this plant as a chewing gum. While I have been tempted to go out and knick the plant to try this out, I'm actually not a big fan of chewing gum (unless extremely stressed) because it plays havoc with my jaw. (Good grief, I sound like a little old lady with the arthritis and TMJ…)

Summer Reruns

Summer television is notorious for showing reruns of shows. I'm not particularly fond of reruns, although there is such an abundance of shows to watch throughout the year, it's actually nice to be able to catch up on shows I haven't seen. And, yes, some of the shows aren't worth a second watching.

In this case, I like the reruns. In fact, I can't get enough of them…

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7-29-2006 8-41-21 AM 0063d

I’m Baaaaaaaaack.

Er, the photos are back. (Any absence on my part is strictly related to my own laziness at not posting…)

The uploading of photographs has been resolved. (Moved to our other server altogether.)

Only bad thing about the new server is that my “neighbors” are some of the most popular bloggers in the blogosphere – and when they’re sucking up the bandwidth, there’s a risk that my site will go down. Hoping that’s not the case, but one cannot control their neighbors.