Where’d 2004 Go?

Well, folks, 2004 is quickly coming to a close.

A maudlin pall has fallen over me as I recognize another year has slipped away and I’m no closer to any of my dreams or goals than I was one, five or even ten years ago. The fact is, I can’t even remember what those dreams and goals were…

Funny how living life day to day, going to work to earn money to pay the bills, can so fully stifle ones dreams.

I can’t pin-point the exact date that it happened, but a few years ago when the realization that my “career” was anything but a full-fledged “career” (read: nothing more than a dead-end job with unwanted stress), my dreams, goals, aspirations – whatever you want to call them – all seemed to shrivel up and die. Their death was so protracted, I don’t think anyone heard their plaintive cries for help.

Maybe they were just put on ice. An extended hibernation. Or they simply took off and are officially AWOL.

I don’t know.

I think it’s funny (in a very ironic sense) that every year (like clockwork) I go through this extremely painful self-reflecting period filled with angst-ridden emotion. Worse, I can actually picture Stephen Covey, Brian Tracy and Tony Robbins all sitting in their offices, rubbing their hands together, gleefully laughing at the turmoil their companies are causing tens of thousands of people across the globe.

More on this topic later – I still have lots to say.