Bell, Book and Candle

Went to dinner with good friends, Cathy and Michael. Ate at Grandma’s near the University of Minnesota Law School. Had a great time catching up on our respective careers – Cathy’s got a great opportunity to change from one great company to another up-and-coming company. Michael and I are both wondering when good fortune will strike us and our dedication and strong work ethics will be justly rewarded. Basically, we were both able to commiserate with the fact that we’re in dead-end jobs that we love….

After dinner we went to see Bell, Book and Candle at Theater in the Round (one of the best places to see theater in the Twin Cities metro area).

The play was very well done – the actors clearly having embraced their roles. I was most impressed, however, with the fact that they used a live cat to play Pyewacket. And, he stole the show.

I came home and shamed the boys – what good are they if they can’t act? Darn cats and dogs. 😉

Weather outside has taken a decided winter-turn… Wind was really whipping around, causing a breath-stealing windchill. Lungs didn’t appreciate the cold. Suspect that the cold-air asthma it triggered will keep me awake all night.

Gotta love winter.

What choice do I have? It’s not like I can pack up and move to the sunbelt.