The Year that Was (or Wasn’t)

Another year is departing, a new year quickly descending. I was going to take some time here to review the last year – or, more appropriately, MY year. The truth is, it seems petty and quite meaningless given the events of the last week.

Soon people the world over will be gathering with loved ones to celebrate the arrival of the New Year.

Many of the celebrations will be tempered, however, due to the devastating loss and destruction of lives and property by the giant tsunamis last Sunday in Southeast Asia. The full extent of the devastation has yet to be realized.

I haven’t blogged about this horrific event mainly because I’ve been trying to get my arms around the scope of the destruction. As the death toll rises hourly, comprehension seems unlikely. I cannot fathom what hell the survivors are going through. Water, food and shelter are scarce. Family, friends and neighbors have been washed away. Those lives spared have been changed forever. The world, shocked by the horror of nature’s wrath, has rallied to provide assistance. The magnitude of the recovery will reverberate long after the new year tolls.

In comparison, I have had a truly blessed year – with family, health, home and employment things that I have often taken for granted.