A trip to the dentist

My tongue noticed the sharp hole in my rear molar before the ‘grit’ registered with my brain. It was a few weeks ago. An innocent bite of baked potato produced the grit… which turned out to be a piece of fractured tooth.

Over the weeks, a little more chipped away. I finally admitted to myself that a trip to the dentist was needed when a meal didn’t go by where food didn’t become wedged within the now gaping hole… which really wasn’t that big.

So a call to dentist office yesterday got me a bloody early appointment this morning.

I was nervous as the hygenist poked and prodded the offending gap that a simple filling might not suffice. I hesitantly asked, “Look like a filling or a crown?” She mumbled, “The doctor will have to determine that…” I was praying that I wouldn’t need either the crown, or worse, a root canal.

The dentist appeared a few minutes later. An x-ray was ordered. Dr M left to work on another patient. A gag on the x-ray film and holder, a few more minutes and Dr M was back. She poked, scraped, prodded. I could feel my hands getting clamier. My breathing got shallower. Dr M smiled at me and said, “Don’t worry, I think we can fix this with a filling.”


Even with the new dental insurance from work, the cost out of pocket was $118. Ouch.

Still a heck of a lot cheaper than a root canal and crown.

The new filling is rough and feels like it doesn’t belong. A few days from now, it will feel like it’s always been there.