Another Boss Bites the Dust

This one lasted just over 4 months.

I really wasn’t surprised when the CFO told JF and I that our boss was gone. To her credit, we were told before the other members of our department. In her words, “Things didn’t work out.”

Um, yeah, guess that’s the understatement of the year.

In all fairness, I don’t think RB was given enough time to prove himself. I actually liked him and thought that he had some great ideas. I also thought that he genuinely had integrity – not the kind of integrity so many in senior management have been displaying since the government lawyers cracked down on the company so hard for the previous management’s infractions.

RB called me over the lunch hour to say ‘goodbye’. He sounded choked up (who could blame him? I was, too.) He advised that he “wasn’t supposed to have contact with anyone, but felt that I had to tell you goodbye today. I really enjoyed working with you. You really have a lot of potential. You’re a great employee and I felt lucky to have you reporting to me. Keep up the good work.” He added that he would call JF later, “when things settle down… I just really wanted to call you to say goodbye.”

I was surprised how emotional I was all day long.

So now I’m back to reporting directly to the CFO until they find a replacement.