Monthly Archives: June 2005

Blog Pressure

I stand in awe of my fellow bloggers who are capable of churning out multiple posts day in, day out.

I should know – I seem to be reading everybody else’s blogs.

Ahhh, ’tis easier to read than to write.

The fact is, I must be reading bloggers with whom I closely associate with in one manner or another, since when I read an actual “news” article and see it blogged about 5-10 different ways (although they all seem to be similar enough to recognize that I’m not off my rocker in my reaction) – I can shake my head in complete agreement. Unfortunately, this makes me more than self-conscious about the fact that I’m then afraid to blog about it on my own – since I worry about copying somebody else’s thoughts/opinions.

That said, I’m taking a new tact on this… I will read my normal “news” sources first, blog about those issues that inspire me most and then – and only then – proceed to read the blogs I’ve now embraced as my “daily reads”. I’ll also make it a point to comment on these same blogs when appropriate – and maybe even take that big step of tracking back… It would be nice to know that somebody might actually read this blog. 😉