Monthly Archives: October 2005

Brain Drain

I’m suffering from severe brain drain these days. My brain seems incapable of focusing on anything for longer than a few seconds. If I can remember a thought long enough to write it down, I’m thrilled. I’ve tried to write a few posts, but abandoned them when I couldn’t get anywhere. (I figured that it they weren’t holding my attention, they wouldn’t hold anyone else’s either).

I’m hopeful that the change of seasons will help to free up the clog that is holding my words hostage.


Every day, every year, that passes seems an eternity littered with memories, good/bad, sweet/bittersweet.

I often find myself wondering if the days will ever pass more easily, with less drag against my heart.

So far it’s been 21 long years without her gentle smile, her reassuring touch and her wise guidance. A day rarely goes by when her voice doesn’t fill my subconscious, causing my heart to twinge, the gaping hole in my soul to tear open a little more…

Missing you another day… Mom.