Bah Humbug

Seriously. What is wrong with me?

I should be giddy that Thanksgiving day has come and gone, marking the start of the holiday season (OK, OK, the official start, since we all know that the stores have been pushing the shopping aspects of the holiday season since shortly after Independence Day!), and that my sweats and a steady stream of DVDs have been the focus of attention for the remainder of the long holiday weekend.

Better yet, the local middle-of-the-road radio station started playing Christmas songs a few days ago (OK, that’s when I happened to stumble upon the fine chords of Bing Crosby singing a duet with David Bowie). Christmas music. I have always loved Christmas music. Some of my most treasured memories are triggered by the notes of Christmas songs.

And still, here I sit, feeling very angsty about the fact that another year has gone by and I am still employed in a seemingly dead-end job (or sure, you can give me more duties and abuse my desire to always give 100%, but it’s still the same dead-end company), cash poor and single.

I guess I should turn that negativity around and say that I’m thankful to have a job, that the debt is a reminder that I live in a country that supports freedom of choice (hey, nobody forced me to use my credit cards) and I don’t have a daily battle with a significant other that drains me of my energy and patience.

Oh, and while I’m professing my thanks, I should state that I remain thankful for my family, my small yet much loved circle of friends, the shelter over my head, the car that gets me from point A to point B safely and the freedom and safety that continues to be mine thanks to the fine men and women in uniform who sacrifice their lives daily to ensure that democracy’s flame is never extinguished.

And I’m forever thankful to

Anything to avoid the throngs of people at the mall.