Welcome fellow AWer’s!

Hello – and welcome – to my fellow AW seekers. Thank you for dropping by – and offering such kind words of encouragement!

My inner critics (most noticeably, Debbie and Frank) immediately raised their voices in an attempt to drown out and beat down my new-found excitement. The good news in all of this is that I immediately recognized them as the party-poopers they are.

I’ve spent a lot of time today reading other participant’s entries… The amount of talent that exists in the blogosphere is astounding – and this group is truly awe-inspiring. The group of artists who have chosen to embark down the path of AW in 2006 are brave adventurers. I am humbled beyond words, but feel blessed to have stumbled upon these like-souls.

While I am looking forward to the next 12 weeks (and beyond since this journey won’t – hopefully – end), I’m scared to death at the thought that I am going to be exposed as a fraud – someone who has always thought of herself as a ‘writer’ but who is so afraid to write that the words just can’t flow; someone who has always wanted to make ‘art’ but can’t bring herself to the canvas for fear of rejection; someone who loves photography but can’t garner the courage to explore outside her immediate surroundings; someone who would love to create music but can’t calm her brain long enough to concentrate on the notes. Someone who has started talking in the third person and needs to stop! 😉

I’m hopeful that as the days fly by that you’ll actually see glimpses of the exercises appearing here in my blog or as a comment on another participant’s site.

Thanks again for stopping by. Good luck on your journey!

5 thoughts on “Welcome fellow AWer’s!

  1. You aren’t a fraud… you’re just afraid. And as you come to embrace your birthrate as a creative being, you will be able to see yourself more clearly. In all creative endeavors, I have found it’s important to just act. Take a dozen photographs of the thing you’re trying to capture — one or two are bound to be good. Write as you breathe, and it will be authentic (editing and refining are just techniques). Get your hands messy with glue and paint and let the art become what wants to be. (I say these to you but also to myself — reinforcement is important!)

  2. And a big, hearty welcome to you too! Just wanted to introduce myself and say hello!

    I think the beauty of the AW is that it isn’t specifically for artists. Julia points that out from the get go. We all have creativity in us and she’s just going to show us how to let it out. I’ve been living with the same fears for a long time, even though the people I love keep telling me I’m good at what I do. I’ve been blowing them off as if they don’t count because they don’t write for a local music page or work for a record label. How unfair!

    This is going to be fun! Tell Debbie and Frank to zip it!

  3. Hello!

    You are not a fraud, just afraid. Everyone is creative and you will find your creativity on this journey.

    Besides, a writer is someone who writes. Period. What you do with that writing, what that writing is about or contains – that’s between you and whatever power in the universe or self you choose to see as the center of creativity. But you are a writer: are you not writing here?

    It is all a matter of becoming more comfortable with and embracing your creative aspects. They, like the writing, are already there.

    (And I hope mine are listening and ready to come out of semi-hiding as well! *grins*)

  4. I started late too. Today was my first day doing morning pages. Like you, I feel blessed to have stumbled upon this community of AW bloggers!

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