This week has passed by in a blur. And a fog. The latter caused by a multi-day migraine/headache episode which continues today. Yea. /sarcasm

I’m able to take comfort in the fact that it’s finally Friday (and payday), but I have to make it through what is sure to be a stressful day at work before I can remove the shackles, strip off the work clothes and enter the comfort of the Sweatpants Zone.

Morning Pages are on track this week despite waking up three mornings with head-shattering pain. My initial thought on day 1 of the headache was that my Inner Critics Terrorists were rebelling at the progress being made to expel them from their humble abode…

5 thoughts on “TGIF.

  1. ugh, i’ve had some wicked headaches this week too. something in the air?

    and oh my, i do love the sweatpants zone…great name for it. 🙂

  2. oh you have introduced me to two great images: the sweatpant zone and the inner terrorists. love it. i try to live in the pajama zone as much as possible…

  3. Thanks to everyone for stopping by. Sorry for my inactivity. Work has zapped all of my energy and left me in a foul mood, fighting stress headaches and feeling sorry for myself. :-} (Knowing that I control how I react to all of the shenanigans going on at work makes it all the more frustrating!)

    I hope that we’re ALL able to experience some good down time this weekend to recharge our batteries – and, of course, that we’re decked out in our comfortable sweats or grampy pants! 😉

    Feel free to stop by any time – nothing pulls me out of my own pity-parties faster than a strong dose of reality.

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