At the risk of getting kidney stones…

I take a shower and wash my hair every morning (to say that I can’t function unless I shower is an understatement). Afterwards, I will occasionally indulge in a quick spritz of lightly scented perfume; nothing obnoxious or overbearing. Barely there. Subtlety is key. (I am absolutely opposed to those folks who marinate themselves in pungent, overbearing scents that linger in hallways for hours and leave everyone else in the office fully aware of exactly where they’ve been – I swear that I can see the fog lingering…) Usually, though, I carry around just a clean-from-the-shower soap smell and whatever laundry detergent and dryer sheet scents linger on my clothes.

That said, I have to wonder why in the hell the little automatic air freshener spits a peachy blast into the air every single solitary time I walk in the door of the Ladies Room. Every. Single. Time.

What are they trying to tell me?!

Stupid thing.

1 thought on “At the risk of getting kidney stones…

  1. ha ha ha…we have the same unknown fruit stench upon entering our communal toilets too… ha ha ha…. maybe it is peach?

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