A silent participant

I have not been keeping up with posting here about the Artist’s way because I’ve let life (read: work) get in the way – and I haven’t had the strength to fight back. I have been working through the AW book on a regular basis, writing my morning pages (man, most of it is pure junk – I’m feeling guilty about wasting good paper), doing the various exercises and trying to touch base with the other participants via the many blogs – man, you guys really ROCK!

I’m going on an Artist’s Date this afternoon – a visit to the bookstore. Since I tend to purchase most of my books via Amazon.com nowadays (“cheap” has become my middle name), my weekly trips to the bookstore have been a long-time coming. And, honestly, very much missed. (Is it just me or is there something magical in the touch/feel of a book in your hands?)

It’s funny how much I long for the weekend lately. Actually, it’s pathetic how much I now wish my life away. Monday always seems to come too fast – the middle days of the week drag, and along about Thursday I am practically praying for 5pm on Friday. Don’t get me wrong, I like some aspects of my job – it’s the unknown/undefined/ill-defined aspects and political games in the office that are taking a toll on my spirit and suffocating my soul. Drama Queen? Certainly sounds like it! In comparison to those folks who put their lives on the line every day to preserve freedom, I’ve got it made… Perspective is everything. So I’ll stop whining now and just enjoy the weekend.

UPDATE: Made it to the big box bookstore (B&N) for my 2 hour artist date. It was extremely crowded. Most of the people were ‘browsers’ – you know the folks that plant themselves in front of the new books and touch every book, break their spines, crease the pages… But never buy anything. They’re just killing time before their movie starts down the mall.

I bought about $30 worth of used books from their used book annex – books that were all best-sellers and in good condition. Saved a bundle.

I feel charged up – excited (almost) to attack the computer tonight and tackle the start of a short story.

2 thoughts on “A silent participant

  1. wee! your energy is fantastic!!

    “Is it just me or is there something magical in the touch/feel of a book in your hands?” no! it’s not just you! i *love* the feel (and smell) of books.

  2. In this chapter (is it 6 already?) the author says that the morning pages are an exercise in listening to ourselves.

    I laughed when I read that. Alot of my morning pages are boring too. Who wants to listen to that!

    Sometimes there are little gems in there though. I guess you just have to “listen”

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