PMS Mania

I’ve been more on edge lately, but attributed that to the fact that I’ve been pushed out of my comfort zone on several occasions in the past two weeks (social commitments that forced me to interact with complete strangers – eeeeckkk!), I’m a pint low on blood (but I helped save 3 lives or so the driver of the blood mobile told me) and am feeling more stressed and anxious about my employment status and living arrangements. I feel like I’m losing control over all aspects of my life – despite the fact that I’ve lived a conservative, responsible life for years. So many outside elements are converging at once that I feel this strong fight or flight emotion. Unfortunately, I’m so tired (and terrified in the same breath) that my first instinct is to just cut and run.

It was at this moment of self-loathing and pity that I realized that my thinking was abnormally hormonally charged. So I wasn’t surprised when Aunt Flo showed up unannounced this evening. Bitch. I hate drop-in company.

As I grow older, my biological clock is ticking louder. This is probably a good thing since I think that my hearing is starting to go… 😉

This is a right ovary month. I know what you’re thinking, how could you possibly know that?

Well, thanks to an ovarian cyst the size of a softball (and its subsequent removal) in 1986, I have an ovary that insists on pushing out an egg a week early in the cycle. It used to be a day or two, but it’s been consistently a week early for close to two years. Honestly, I’ve figured that it’s just the desperate eggs panicking and jumping ship a little early.

3 thoughts on “PMS Mania

  1. I’ve always just called it what it is.. my menstraul cycle. It grosses enough people out to just shut them up.

  2. How true. How true. I once had a male boss (about the same age) with a Napoleanic complex who always wanted details when calling in sick. “I don’t feel good”, “I’m have a headache, bordering on a migraine” or the old standby, “I’m sick” never worked, so I eventually moved up to “I’m bloated and have cramps…” Only had to do that a few times. (Thankfully! He moved on to greener pastures. However, my new boss is showing the same tendencies… Just my luck. I very rarely take sick or vacation time even when I am suffering… but I see that changing in the near future.)

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