Afraid of the Headhunters…

I got a call yesterday at work from a headhunter (a.k.a., a recruiter). A co-worker gave him my name and number. The recruiter said that he’s interested in meeting with me to discuss the possibility of placing me in a position with another company. I’m planning on meeting with him for coffee before work after month-end close next week. He asked me to forward a copy of my resume to him over the next few days. He seems like a nice guy – and he worked with a good friend (and former colleague) in placing her at her last company, so he has a proven track record.

This is great news. Somebody’s interested in helping me to break out of the hell I’ve been trapped in for over a decade.

And, yet, I’m scared to death of the possibility of change.

I don’t know why.

I’ve been with the same company for close to a dozen years in various supporting roles. In the old days, company loyalty meant something. A sometimes faceless cast member, I’ve always been a good soldier going where she’s told, always dedicated to the cause and supportive of management’s vision. Even when that vision is dangerously myopic.

Nowadays, seniority is a death sentence. The newest (latest/greatest or whatever) senior management team has been culling the herd of the longest serving employees steadily over the last 6-8 months. The thinking is that the more firmly entrenched employees are the least flexible to change. This is extremely naive thinking on senior management’s part. Especially when you consider the last 5 years of turmoil that the company has gone through… It’s name and reputation dragged through the mud when the original management team was taken on a wild ride through the federal and state court systems, the sale of the company ushered in an ever changing set of faces and management styles, and revenues suffered due to the maturing market and ever-changing technological advances. No, I don’t think flexibility is an issue.

Every time they push a long-time employee out the door, they are kissing away years of industry knowledge, experience and long-established vendor and customer relationships. And, yes, a lot of these employees have gone directly to the competitors and brought with them their intimate knowledge of the inner workings of our company. As you might imagine, this has had a tremendous impact on our company… And dare I say that every ounce of it is deserved?

So I don’t understand my own hesitation to jump ship and go to work for a company where my dedication, hard work and talent would be appreciated.

Hang on boys and girls – the winds of change are a ‘blowin.