Can Minnesota Nice work on the racetrack?

We're having a work outing later this week at the NASCAR Silicon Motor Speedway located at Mall of America. It will be very interesting to see what it's like to handle a car that has 750 horses under the engine. I am already visualizing easing up on the accelerator when approaching the corners, not over-steering and staying AWAY from the walls. Given the fact that my male coworkers tend to consider themselves superior to the women, I sincerely hope that the women kick the men's butts. There are two men that I particularly want to "best" in my times… Have I mentioned that I'm super competitive? And, as far as I can tell, the only member of my department that hasn't had a moving vehicle violation in 27 years of driving. I'll update the experience later in the week. Minnesota nice, my ass.

Note:  I really DID kick everybody's @$$!  Nobody was more surprised than me!  I think that the boys at work have a new appreciation for me…  I won every race, capturing the championship to boot.  My trophy?  Skip that… The company only rewards management.  But it was a fun time.  Although the ride home was a little exciting – I had to keep reminding myself that 200 mph is not acceptable through the parkway.  😉