A Rose By Any Other Name…

7-7-2006 10-08-23 AM 0027a

Or a lovely Oriental Lily…

7-7-2006 10-04-17 AM 0008a

Spent a rare vacation morning at the Como Zoo and the Marjorie McNeely Conservatory located in St Paul. The zoo was the popular destination for most of the anxious visitors, with busload after busload of daycare kids being led in long lines of yellow t-shirts, red t-shirts and blue t-shirts. We laughed as we watched them being led about in their hand-holding, zig-zagging lines. Just glad I wasn't one of the chaperones. (These poor folks looked bedraggled even before entering the zoo!)

We were the first to arrive at the Conservatory as they opened the doors. Compared to the chaotic throngs of people milling about waiting for the zoo to open its door at 10am, the Conservatory was quiet and very peaceful. The fragrances were sumptuous – the various flowers smelling as gorgeous as they looked.

7-7-2006 10-11-50 AM 0038a

Can you smell it?

7-7-2006 10-56-25 AM 0109a

More photos to come….