Beauty… In the Eye of the Beholder

And what a BIG eye that is…

7-12-2006 6-56-20 PM 0050a

The splendid colors of this little fellow caught my eye in the setting sun this evening.

Outside – free to buzz another day. Inside? I have a reputation of being the fastest swatter in the midwest. Although I always feel a bit guilty about ending a life… Pest or not.  Truth be told, I will go out of my way to release a wayward fly, spider, ladybug, moth or (gasp) mosquito to the freedom of the outdoors.  Oftentimes resulting in the introduction of another pest in the process…  Never know if I'll be coming back as an insect in another lifetime – and I sure don't want to push my Karmic luck.

7-12-2006 6-54-25 PM 0042c