Meh. (Otherwise known as the PMS Zone)

I'm feeling flat today – you know that blah feeling that permeates the soul – that general lethargy that zaps your spirit and reduces your energy level to "battery empty" status? Yep, that's me.

The odd thing is that I'm on vacation for the rest of the week and should be feeling a sense of joy to have been released from the shackles that is my current job. The cell block door slid open last evening shortly before 6, the guards bidding me adieu until Monday morning. A 120 hour long furlough was granted for good behavior. Well, honestly, the warden probably would have preferred that I stay confined to my cell cubicle rather than leave the prison company grounds until Friday. But my being there won't solve his immediate challenge of not being able to distinguish his elbow from his ass.

I should be happy to know that I don't have to encounter either of my bosses (yes, there are 2 now, one sadly incompetent beyond hope, the other dominant, strong-willed, and pushier than I like or respond positively towards – I'm a Taurus by birth who WILL become stubborn if pushed too much!) for the next three days (five, if you count the weekend). I'm thankful that the Grammar Police don't read my blog and therefore can't chastise me for my frequent use of run-on sentences. 😉

I think it's safe to say that I'm in that dark, dark PMS place where everything is miserable, devoid of hope and just plain not good enough. Run, people. Run! But leave the M&Ms, for the love of God.

I had plans to visit the Farmer's Market in downtown this morning, but I spent more time than originally planned in the garden trying to capture the perfect picture of the Datura that offered a handful of beautiful white blooms with the new dawn. I'll post some photos soon. (Unfortunately, our server made some security changes recently (I'm told something to do with Java and JavaScript permissions) that has hosed my ability to post photographs. Stupid Nice server people.) By the time I finally got motivated to shower, it was too late to get to the Market without having to worry about the crowd and/or parking. From the sound of it, today was probably the best day to do this since rain is in the forecast for the next 2 days and the weekend is always too much a mass of humanity for me to take on unless I am in a very good frame of mind. Have I mentioned the PMS? Well, then, suffice it to say that I'm not in a very good frame of mind at the moment and the world has been put on notice. Quick, get the children and pets inside, lock the doors and stay away from the windows.

You know, I'm actually contemplating going in to work tomorrow… Why be miserable at home when I can share my sunny disposition with my co-workers?

2 thoughts on “Meh. (Otherwise known as the PMS Zone)

  1. Noooo, don’t go into work! The ‘not very good frame’ is bound to become a good frame soon and it would be a shame (SHAME!) if that would happen in prison… er… work. Love your blogs. Not the PMS. Just had mine. I wish I could pop over and bring you M&M’s. ((hugs)) Corine

  2. No worries, my lethargy continues and I chose to stay home and pretty much ‘jammie’ it all day long. Computer is working in fits and starts so it’s been a frustrating day. M&M’s are TRULY in order. Although I refuse to get dressed and leave the house! Maybe tomorrow.

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