Seeking Direction

I took the plunge last weekend and bought a spectacular 50-200mm lens (plan on branching out and looking at the 'big picture' instead of just macros) for my new Olympus and a tripod with a fantastic head to help steady the camera and capture hard-to-reach models…

Which is probably a good thing since I've recently been experiencing sore/stiff/painful elbows (arthritis?!).

I am in love.

8-13-2006 9-04-54 AM 0018b

This is the bloom from the Prairie Dock in the side garden. It's probably 8 or 9 feet up… Previous hand-held shots were "OK", but having both the longer lens and the tripod made it "better". (And I didn't have to climb up on a ladder – I don't DO ladders either well or gracefully!) Now if only I could flick a switch and control Mother Nature's breathing – her exhaling has made it breezy around here of late and I don't have any special 'boxes' or tents to erect around my models.

The above plant is related to the Compass Plant as seen below.

7-14-2006 6-28-16 PM 0176b

Sorry for the uneven lighting. Since I tend to shoot 'em as I see 'em (I don't manipulate my models in the field unless it's absolutely necessary), this is how it appeared in the garden.

This is a neat plant – in earlier days, Native Americans (a.k.a. "Indians" to the non-PC crowd) used the resinous material exuded by this plant as a chewing gum. While I have been tempted to go out and knick the plant to try this out, I'm actually not a big fan of chewing gum (unless extremely stressed) because it plays havoc with my jaw. (Good grief, I sound like a little old lady with the arthritis and TMJ…)

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  1. Am in favor of not manipulating the shots; God created them perfect! I like the shadows in them, it is like I see them how you saw them. 😉

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