Someday My Prince Will Come…

Was it today?

Is this my Prince Charming?!

8-19-2006 1-41-01 PM 0095a

8-19-2006 1-47-50 PM 0123b

8-19-2006 1-43-27 PM 0107a

I always thought Mr. Right would be taller.

And not so green…

I don't care HOW desperate I am to find my sweet Prince, there were no kisses for this little guy.

Once the pressure of "to kiss or not to kiss" passed, I think he was as interested to watch me as I was to watch him.

Wet, his skin gave off a shiny, almost iridescent green. The bumpy, leathery texture of his skin is visible in blow-ups of these shots. (I almost feel like I should wash my hands to prevent warts. OK, so maybe he's not a toad…)

How did he find our pond? We're a couple blocks from both a pond/nature area and creek. This little guy had to hike quite a ways to happen upon our pond.

You know, he does have nice eyes…

1 thought on “Someday My Prince Will Come…

  1. Love your Prince! Kissing… I told Annegida the other day about toad-kiss-prince, when we saw one and the disgusted look on her face was priceless. Of course, I did not have my camera ready…. 😉
    Beautiful shots.

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