I am shocked at how quickly the month of September has flown by. I've been AWOL for most of it, locked in the drama that is my life. Or non-life, since it's pretty mundane.

Yesterday was unseasonably warm – and as the day progressed, the humidity continued to rise, leaving it clear that a storm was brewing. A tornado watch was issued in the late afternoon lasting until 1am. Summer was going to be ushered out in style.

We were safe in our house, thunder in the distance, when the storm front blew in around 10pm. Unfortunately, it brought death and destruction in the form of an F2 tornado to a community less than 20 miles away. A 10 year old girl lost her life when the house she was visiting collapsed on her. So sad.

Work's been very busy and extremely stressful. But, honestly, things like last night's storm help to bring reality back in to check.

Another example of reality… Thursday I visited Stillwater, a community on the edge of the St Croix river between Minnesota and Wisconsin. I took several photos of one of the town's historic landmarks – the Lift Bridge. It was a glorious day, sunny and warm, although there was a stiff wind blowing from the south.


Two people, a mother and daughter, lost their lives today when the car they were riding in apparently experienced brake failure and plunged off the open bridge. Tragic. The driver, another daughter, survived.

It could have been even more tragic – the sister ship of the one shown above had just passed under the lift. Had the timing been off only a few seconds, the car would have rammed the boat's second level and killed or injured dozens. (These boats are usually packed with tourists, wedding parties, etc.)